Doghouse Presents : EMMA POLLOCK + Derrieres + Niamh O'Leary


May 27th - EMMA POLLOCK + Derrieres + Niamh O'Leary

Arden Road Social Club : Doors : 8.00pm

£9 advanced tickets from Revo & Arden Rd Social (no booking fee) Jumbo or on-line

“The Dusty Springfield of cerebral indie pop. In a field of her own” UNCUT [8/10] 
“beautifully crafted…an excellent record” MOJO [4/5] – LEAD REVIEW
“sumptuous songs…bewitching…breathtaking” THE SUNDAY TIMES “one of our most vital, poetic and singular voices – a career high” THE HERALD
“a poignant but punchy triumph.” SKINNY [4/5]
“an immensely personal album…a dynamic talent.” THE ARTS DESK [5/5]

If Emma’s long-awaited - very long-awaited - new album ‘In Search of Harperfield’, explores themes of family, place and time, then the urgent call and response of ‘Parks and Recreation’ finds us in the company of a younger Pollock: engaged in a fight or flight scenario with local bams, and delivering us a gilt-edged slab of alternative pop in the process.

From her career as a principal songwriter with The Delgados through her excellent brace of solo long players, Emma Pollock’s ability to craft leftfield earworms has never been in doubt; with her new album’s debut single, the diminutive Glaswegian has broken her half-decade’s silence with the barreling rhythms of her former band and the urgent guitars of alt-pop heroes Tanya Donnelly and Kristin Hersh. Placing those taut guitars and infectious rhythms to one side though, it’s Emma’s vocal that really elevates ‘Parks and Recreation’ to another level of beguiling

After years of playing in bands of various genres Nathan Robinson (guitar, lead vox, ex part-time bingo caller) and Liam Pringle (bass, semi-lead vox, Portugese born plumber) decided to start a group playing no nonsense music without any construct of set genre. Being in their early thirties they found juggling family time and work with the band hard but soon they realised that this band was the one thing ethereal in this mundane life, so the next step was finding a drummer with the same ideas. Four drummers later they found him in the shape of Bobby Shanks jnr (drums, backing vox, fourth generation Scotch myth and funny man). Now they really started finding their groove. And that groove comes out of them sounding like a raw yet well written barrage of three minute sagas that dont need the use of guitar pedals, effects or any of the other gimics that make up a lot of music on the airwaves.
It is this duality of a none grandiose simple sound mixed with complex well crafted songs that makes Derrieres a band that doesnt claim to be the best in the world but does do what they set out to do. And that is to play visceral, raw, structured songs in a tongue in cheek style and to have fun in the process.
They have played a string of gigs locally but most notably at Todmorden Town Hall to a sold out crowd and recently at the Night and Day Cafe in Manchester. With a few crackers already lined up for this year hopefully 2016 will catapult Derrieres out of the Calder Valley and onto a bigger stage near you. Keep 'em peeled. 

Early 2016 has seen the making of a four track EP called She Is Faith, of which the title track is a 60's garage infused indie song. Followed by Piece Of Me which features Liam Pringle as lead vox and is a grungy pop song with a hard hitting chorus and a big bass driven bridge. Outside Yours is a 3 minute garage story about a real life stalker. Then finally Ricky's Got A Discoball, a fast and hard rock epic of Iggy and the Stooges like proportions.
There are two videos from this ep featured on youtube and all the others can be found on the bands soundcloud account.

 Tickets Revo Records (no booking fee), Halifax &


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